Adam D. Bullock is a dynamic voice talent and creative extraordinaire! With a career spanning from the early 2000s to the present, Adam has amassed a diverse range of experiences that make them a unique and versatile performer, business professional, and all-around fantastic person.
As a voice actor, he has a background that's as varied as it is impressive. Starting out as a puppeteer and honing their craft on the regional theater stage, they've donned countless personas, from eerie haunted house specters to characters at Renaissance festivals. Their creative spirit extends into personal projects and mascot performances, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of voice acting. Not content with merely coasting, he has continuously self-educated, refining their art to deliver top-tier performances.
But Adam's talents don't stop at voice acting alone. They're a skilled graphic designer with an eye for visual storytelling. As an audio engineer, they've mastered the art of voiceover production and podcasting, ensuring crystal-clear, captivating audio experiences. With backstage know-how, they're well-versed in the intricacies of theater production, and their knack for costume, prop, and puppet making brings their characters to life in a way that's truly magical.
In the realm of business, he shines just as brightly. Adam has shared his expertise as a voiceover coach, nurturing the talents of beginner voice actors and helping them find their unique voices. Adam has also excelled in sales and taken on leadership roles, making them a strong asset in any team. Their local and online networking skills are second to none, and they're a true team player and project manager who knows how to deliver results.
Adam brings a fun, upbeat, and professional touch to every project, whether it's a creative endeavor or a business venture. If you're looking for a versatile voice actor and a multi-talented creative professional. You're not just hiring a voice actor; you're gaining a dynamic collaborator who's passionate about bringing your vision to life.


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